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How do I connect an external website with Witei?
How do I connect an external website with Witei?

Help to upload my Witei properties to my external website

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The indications we give in this article are ideal to be carried out with the help of a technical and/or computer specialist.

Although Witei provides its own Real Estate Websites service, we do offer the possibility of integrating External Websites, normally to achieve these two objectives:

1) Have your website automatically synchronize the data of your properties as you keep them updated in your CRM. In this article we will see more about how you can achieve this.

2) That your CRM automatically registers the contacts generated by your web. From Witei we provide our Smart Inbox tool for this, if you want to activate it we will tell you how by clicking here.

A. How do I synchronize an external website?

Witei gives you three options to integrate your website with your properties, please note that it is the responsibility of the website to collect the information and take care of the synchronization with Witei.

A. 1. Through XML

You can set your web to update information as often as you consider. An XML file contains all the information to show in your Web:

1. Complete list of public properties.

2. For each property: characteristics, location (as visible as you have indicated in Witei), images, etc.

The XML content complies with the Kyero V3 standard. It includes the data defined by that format. The customization on how to show the information on the website depends on the design and configuration of the website, which, being external, does not depend on Witei. Click here to consult the documentation on this format.

How do you get this file?

Witei considers your website as another real estate portal. Therefore, you only have to follow these steps:

  1. Settings > Interconnections

  2. Activate XML.

  3. Once activated, click on the three dots and on "copy XML link".

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The link will allow you to download your real estate file updated in real time. To share it, just send the link to the web provider and he will be able to synchronize it.

A. 2. Through Webhooks

A Webhook is a URL defined by you that will receive every update you make on your properties. To activate it, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Developers > Webhooks

Enter the URL where you want to receive the HTTP POST requests in JSON format with each update made on your properties.

This URL will probably be up to your IT specialist, since he should be the one to decide where he wants to receive the requests in order to process them and update your web page. Here you can see in detail the integration through Webhooks.

A. 3. Through API requests

The Witei API allows you to obtain information about your properties. To do this, you must make requests to obtain the information you want, using the unique agency token that you will find in:

1. Configuration.

2. Developers.

3. API

For more information, here you can see in detail what data you can get with the API.

  • Remember to be an external Web, you must include in the form of the property in the field of External URL the link of the property in your web, with it when you send it to the contact by means of a campaign or a conversation it is going to redirect to your web, you can do it this way:

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us via chat!

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