A. Customer interests

B. Products from the interest crosswalk

C. How do Witei thumbs work?

Witei's customer interest matching is essential to match your customers and products.

This crossover tab depends on the Real Estate Software so you must have it activated in Subscription.

To do this, you need to fill out the customer form as completely as possible.

A. Customer interests

You have to fill in their interests, i.e. the features they want the product to have:

1. Go to the customer's file.

2. Interests > edit.

3. "Apply" to save them.

B. Products from the interest crosswalk

The products you have in your portfolio that match these interests will appear in the customer's file in the "cross over" tab.

  • Favorites: these are the ones that the customer tells you that he likes. Either because you have marked it with a thumbs up or because they have asked for it directly.

  • Suggested: are the ones that Witei suggests that fit what the customer is looking for.

  • Suggested in circles: from collaboration circles.

  • Discarded: you are not interested in that product, to discard it, you click on the thumb down.

If you find that there are few results you should check the customer's interests. For example because there are too many tags that restrict the search. With a new product, you can send suggested customers a notification to let them know about the new product through campaigns.

C. How do Witei thumbs work?

Thumbs up: If your customer likes that product, then we mark the thumbs up. It will go to favorite products.

Thumbs down: If he doesn't like the product, we mark the thumbs down. It will no longer be suggested for him.

We can manually add a product:

1. "Add manually".

2. We choose from the drop-down.

It may also help you to learn how the crossing of demands works if you read our article about tags.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write us via chat!

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