To view the notifications that you have active in your witei account you have to click on the bell icon in the left menu:

There you can see the notifications that you have pending or done of your account, and at the top right you have to click on "Notifications settings" here you have a sample:

To activate each notification you must slide the grey tab, when it is blue it means that it is activated.

The way you will see the notifications is replaced from the original email to the desktop push. The first notification attempt will be a desktop push and, in case you don't see it, you will receive an email with the demand data: Name, phone, email. Please note that the notification settings in the user's notification area prevail. So if you have deactivated the new contact notification, no notification will be generated (neither desktop nor email) to receive a notification when new customers come in, you must have the "new contact" notification activated.

Important: please note that to display Witei's pop-up notifications correctly, you must accept this functionality in the privacy settings of your browser. For example in Google Chrome you can check it from "Settings" of the browser -> "Privacy and security":

If you have any questions, please contact us via chat!

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