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Manage a domain in Witei
Manage a domain in Witei

Help guide to manage domains in Witei, external domain, SSL, domain transfers...

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A. Requesting the registration of a new domain in Witei

If you still do not have a registered domain and you want Witei to register, renew and set ir up automatically for you.

1. You must activate the Web service in: Settings > Subscription > Change plan. Select the Basic Plan in which you will have a test domain provided by Witei or you can create a new domain by clicking on Premium Plan.

2. If you already have the Premium plan in the Web service, go to: Settings > click on "Domains" > Add domain (blue button top right corner) > select "+ Register new domain".

3. Witei asks you for the domain name you want to place, write it without www. and it has to end with: .com, .es or .net.

4. After placing it click on: Save.

5. This process takes between 24/48 hours. You will be notified when it is done.

B. Transferring a domain registered with another provider to Witei

In order to transfer the domain you must activate the Web service in Settings > Subscription > Change plan. Select the Premium Plan.

After you have the corresponding plan you have to follow the next steps:

  • Before starting, we recommend to make a backup copy of the old emails, since they will be deleted when the transfer is finished.

1. To transfer your domain to Witei you have to go to "Settings" and click on "Domains" > Click on "Add domain" (blue button on the top right corner) > Select where it says: "Transfer existing domain".

2. You can only transfer domains ending in ".com", ".es", or ".net", for example, "".

Please note that if you have a registered domain ending in "" it will not be possible to transfer it to Witei. A domain with this type of extension is not the same as a ".com" or a ".es".

3. To start the transfer it is necessary that you have ready these data:

  • Name of the domain to transfer.

  • Domain transfer authorization code (or auth-code). This code must be provided by your current domain provider, and is mandatory for domains ending in .com and .net. Those ending in .es do not require this code.

  • Confirm that the domain does not have an active lock to prevent its transfer. This can also be confirmed by your domain provider.

  • Confirm with your current domain provider which email is set up as the "administrative contact" for the domain. This is important to know since, after the transfer request is made, that "administrative contact" will receive an email for the transfer acceptance.

  • If you do not know the details of your domain you should ask your current domain registrar.

Important: the domain cannot be transferred if it has been registered or its contact details have changed within the last 60 days with your current provider. During the whole process, the emails will arrive to the old mailbox or to the new one. If any of them do not reach their destination, the sender of the mail will be promptly informed so that they can resend it to us later.

4. If you have already followed the steps for the domain transfer, remember that the "administrative contact" of your domain will receive an email regarding the transfer acceptance you have requested. Please note that the appearance of this acceptance email will depend on each domain provider. For example:

  • .es domains always send the "Accept" option shown in a button or link for you to take action and accept it through that email.

  • Other providers or extensions usually tell you to ignore or not to take any action with that email if you want to accept the transfer.

Important: the duration of the transfer can be a minimum of 48/72 hours depending on the time it takes for the domain administrator to review and accept the transfer and up to 10 days that this request will last.

C. Using a domain registered with another provider without transferring it to Witei

Note about SSL

Domains registered with other providers and configured there to display a website with Witei will not be able to have SSL (secure connection), which is only available for domains registered with Witei. Likewise, security certificates external to Witei could not be displayed on the domain with configured DNS.

You can configure the DNS of a domain registered with another provider so that, without transferring it to Witei, you can use it with your Witei real estate website.

You will need, of course, the help of an experienced IT technician to do this. Please contact a third party expert in domain and DNS management before proceeding.

Here are the DNS settings that your domain must have:

  • A record in the "root domain" or "@" :

  • CNAME record in the "www" subdomain:


  • The A record with value, will cause connections made from a browser to your root domain (example: to be automatically redirected to ""

  • The CNAME record with value "", will cause requests to that subdomain to be sent to your new website with Witei.

Of course, if you wish, you can use a subdomain other than "www". In this case, the A record with value will not be necessary.

Note on DNS changes:

DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to propagate. If after that time the domain name still does not validate do not hesitate to contact us.

DNS checking tool:

Google offers a tool called toolbox that will help you verify the configuration:

Once you have verified the domain configuration, go to your Settings > Domains > Click on "Add domain" (blue button on the top right corner) and select the option "Link external domain".

5. You must place the domain in the "Domain" field:

6. Click on "Verify and save".

7. Once you have made the DNS configurations previously mentioned, you will be able to access to: Web > Web Domain > Select the domain you have linked from the drop-down menu, so that the web content will be displayed on it.

  • Please note that: Witei gives you the possibility to link more than one external domain to your Witei website. Here is an example of this scenario: Imagine you have your external domain ending in .com and you also have the same external domain ending in .es, if you want both to point to your Witei website: this is possible! You will just have to follow these same steps with both.

D. Transferring a domain managed at Witei to a new provider

  • Before you start the transfer, we recommend that you make a backup of your emails. After that, before deleting the email accounts, it is important that you make sure that the new provider (if you have one) has migrated the content of those email accounts to your new email manager. You can download a backup copy of your emails from Outlook. To do this you must first configure the email with these steps here.

  • Before requesting the domain transfer you must delete the email accounts that have been created in Witei.

The steps to transfer a domain managed at Witei to another provider are:

1. Go to: Settings > Domains > click on the "tool wheel" icon located next to the domain you want to transfer > Select: "Transfer domain to a new provider":

2. Next, Witei will show you the authorization code that you must indicate to the provider. Please note that: .es domains do not need this code to be transferred.

3. Once this code has been given or the domain transfer has started, you will not be able to pause it until the process is finished.

E. Explanatory video and glossary on Domains.

Have you had any questions with any of the procedures explained above?

Here we leave you this video in which we detail and put into practice how to manage domains in Witei:

You can go directly to the part of the video you need to check:

0:32 - How to access the domain management section in Witei.
0:46 - How to request the registration of a new domain in Witei
2:41 - How to transfer a domain registered with another provider to Witei
4:37 - How to link an external domain to Witei without transferring it to Witei
6:49 - How to view the list of your domains and their statuses in Witei

The Witei section to manage everything related to Domains is: Settings > "Domains".

These are the different terms that you can see in the "Type" column that you can see in this section:

Here is a brief definition of each "Type":

  • Linked: These are domains registered with a provider external to Witei but linked to Witei.

  • Test: Witei offers you in the Basic plan of the Web service a test subdomain to start with, although we recommend that you change it to your own domain, as it is important to know that this test subdomain will not be indexed in Google, it means that it will not appear in their search results. With this test domain we give you the possibility to design your website and check the design options until you decide to change to your own domain.

  • Managed: These are the domains registered and fully managed with Witei.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via chat!

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