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Indomio: real estate interconnection
Indomio: real estate interconnection

Help to activate the real estate publication interconnection to Indomio

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An interconnection allows you to automate the registration, cancellation and modification of your properties in the portal from Witei, saving you the time required to do it individually in each portal.

Here is how to activate the publication interconnection with the Indomio real estate portal:

A. How much does it cost to activate the Indomio interconnection?

Witei provides you with a list of interconnections to portals that you can activate, Indomio is one of them. Ask for conditions at Indomio.

You can see all the interconnections to portals available in Witei from:

Settings > Real Estate > Interconnections > Activate Interconnections

B. How do I activate the Indomio interconnection?

The steps to follow would be:

Settings > Real Estate > Interconnections> Activate interconnections > Activate interconnection "Indomio".

We show you the procedure through this video without sound:

In other words, you would have to follow the steps common to all the interconnections.

Witei will ask you how many ad slots you have in this portal and what you want to do at the moment of activation:

Image 2022-07-18 at 5.25.10 PM

If you select the option "Manually choose which properties to list", remember to follow the common steps to publish properties after the activation of this interconnection.

After publishing your properties in Indomio you will be able to check your ads published in the portal.

Remember to check conditions with Indomio if you want more specific or "Premium" features such as: your corporate logo to be shown in the contact information of your properties, etc.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us via chat!

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