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Property Manager
Property Manager

How to manage your properties in Witei

42 articles
Properties: creation and characteristics
Real estate: photos, videos and photo improvement
Watermark: protect the copyright of your Real Estate photos
Owners: creation, follow-up and tools
Real Estate: Bulk editions
Property search: filters by characteristics
Customized fields in your Real Estate data sheets
Manage furniture and supplies for your properties
Witei dashboard
How to send properties to your contacts
How to manage your contacts in Witei
Import properties to Witei
Crossing of contacts and properties in Witei
Interconnection to the real estate portal: activation and configuration
Publish properties in real estate portals
Perform a data export
Commercial Reports and their Objectives
XML export with your properties
Agreements Templates
Digital signature of documents
Visits report agreements and Visit rating
Vacation Rental Properties
New construction developments
Email Marketing Campaigns in real estate
Marketing and commercial reports
Create a magazine.
Fotocasa Pro : real estate interconnection in Fotocasa, Habitaclia and Milanuncios real estate interconnection
Indomio: real estate interconnection
LuxuryEstate: real estate publication
Rightmove: Real Estate interconnection
Yaencontre: real estate interconnection
Belbex: real estate interconnection
Goplaceit: real estate publication
Hogaria: real estate publication
GreenAcres: real estate publication
Domaza: real estate publication
Casabusco: real estate publication
New match alerts. Automatic matching of contacts and properties in Witei
Create a card, adpost or magazine of your properties
Properstar: real estate interconnection