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Create, modify or delete users: configure their permissions, profile, reset password, etc.

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All Witei plans include an unlimited number of users, without affecting the price of your subscription.

It is recommended that each person has their own user to access Witei, as there are different levels of permissions with which to configure each user's access to both data and tools.

Below we will explain everything you need to know about your Witei user.

The following tutorial video will show you in detail how to manage the users of your workspace:

Here are the minutes with direct links to each block of content so you can go directly to the section you are most interested in reviewing in this video:

0:11 - How to add a new user to the workspace.
0:29 - How to add a new user to the workspace.
1:00 - How to manage user permissions.
2:36 - How to edit a user, view his activity, reset his password or unsubscribe.
4:08 - How to view your own user profile information.

A. Create a new user

To add a user: Configuration > Users > Add new user.

You must include their data such as phone, email or the username with which they will access Witei. Each user needs their own, so if they are already using this email or username in Witei, Witei will indicate it to you.

You will also need to set the permissions of this user, what he/she will be able to see or manage.

After creating the user Witei will send an email to the email address that is included in your new user file so that the new user can verify it. It is necessary that the new user verifies that he/she has access to this email address through this email. At this point, Witei will give the new user the option to create a password.

B. Unsubscribe a user

To unsubscribe a user, follow the steps below:

1. Configuration > Users

2. Click on Actions - Unsubscribe user

These actions can only be performed by a user with administrator permission, to delete a user you will have to delegate the information it contains to another Witei user to avoid losing information.

Note: you can edit users already created and complete their profiles. The user himself can also do it, from the users section> In his profile select Actions > Edit User.

C. User permissions

1. Administrator user: has access to view, edit and manage all Witei information. There must be at least one administrator per office.

2. Non-administrator users: you customize what the office user can view and edit.

Only administrator users can modify the permissions of other users.

There are two types of permissions: information access and tool access.

Information access permissions

Witei categorizes information into three main groups: contacts, tasks and properties. Each non-administrator user can have 3 different permission levels:

  • Access to his own data, i.e. data created by himself. This includes reading and modifying information.

  • Regarding contacts, keep in mind that: if a user has been the "Creator" of a CRM contact, even though he is not the "Responsible" of that contact, he will be able to view and edit it because he is the "Creator" of it.

  • Access to view all data, including those created by himself and by other users of the workspace. This adds read (but not modify) access to all data stored in the workspace.

  • Access to edit all data in the workspace.

An administrator user can give permissions (such as allowing to view all tasks, edit contacts) as well as access to manage office tools (such as managing message templates).

Please note that if a user has the permission to edit and view the information of all the properties in the office, the photo enhancement and watermark option will be included:

Tool access permissions

  • Customize web

  • Manage drip campaigns

  • Manage message templates

  • Publish properties in interconnectios

  • Sharing real estate between workspaces on the same network.

  • You can make backup copies.

IMPORTANT: Non-administrator users will need special permission to be able to generate and download data exports. This permission can be assigned by an administrator user from the user configuration area.

We encourage administrator users to review the user settings area of their account to confirm that all users have the appropriate permissions to properly use their Witei accounts.

This permission influences the data for:

  • Listing of properties, contacts and tasks.

  • Downloading documents within the property file.

  • Export of suggested, interested and discarded contacts from the property file.

  • Export of tasks from the property file.

  • Download of photos and videos of the property.

The global export of the data is only for the administrators.

Permissions that an administrator user has

  • General configuration of the account

  • Subscription and payment method configuration

  • Billing data configuration

  • Add, delete and modify users (including their permissions).

  • Marketing report of your workspace.

  • Global data export.

  • Permanent deletion of data.

Zones restricted to certain users in certain areas of a Witei account will be displayed in this way:

  • You can place a user as Coordinator, it can only fall on a user of the office, to learn more about how to select the contact click here.

D. Reset another user's password from an administrator

You can reset a user's password without sending it to the user. That is to say, that it arrives to your administrator email, you choose it and then the user receives it to his email.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go to Configuration> Actions > three side points: reset password:

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us via chat!

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