A What are workspaces?

B How do I create a workspace?

C Where do I see the data of my workspaces and edit them?

D How do I migrate users from one workspace to another?

A What are workspaces?

They are new groups created on the same network. They are managed as independent accounts, each with its own data, users and services. If we have several computers we can create a workspace for each one. The user who creates the workspace will have "Super Administrator" permission and will be able to move between offices.

B How to create a workspace?

1. Settings > Workspaces > ''Add workspace'' button.

2. Fill in the workspace details: location, logo, etc.

3. Include the billing information and activate the services from Subscription.

C Where can I view and edit my workspace data?

  1. In Configuration > Workspaces you will be able to see them all.

  2. To edit them, click on the three vertical dots:

3. The user with permission to migrate between workspaces will have ''Switch to this workspace in the dropdown''.

D How do I migrate users from one workspace to another?

1. From Configuration > Workspaces > Three vertical dots button > Migrate users to this workspace.

2. Choose the user and the workspace.

3. If you are the user, you can jump directly from your avatar (bottom left corner) > workspace name > choose the workspace you want to go to:

When a user migrates to another office he/she moves with all the information he/she manages to the destination office: products, tasks, contacts, conversations, etc.

You will only be able to manage this user's data if he/she is currently in the current account. If he/she is in another workspace, it will not be possible to edit his/her data.

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