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How do I import contacts to Witei?
How do I import contacts to Witei?
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A. Import from a file

1. Go to Settings> CRM> import contacts> Import from file.

2. Upload the file you want to import and click next.

3. Select the fields you want to import that correspond to the ones we have in Witei.

4. Click on save import and start importing the data.

  • Important: If you have separate data in Excel and you want to upload them in the same field in Witei, you must correct it in Excel before uploading the file to Witei.

  • Important: If the number of contacts you wish to import to your account is greater than the number allowed by your CRM plan, only the number of contacts included in your CRM service plan will be imported. Remember to adjust your plans to the volume of data to be imported, I link you here the CRM service plans.

B. Import with Zapier

1. Connect Zapier with Witei, you can see how to do it clicking here.

2. To upload the contacts, go to Settings> CRM> Import contacts> Import from Zapier.

3. Click go to Zapier.

4. They will go to the Zapier page and select the contacts to import.

C. Import with API

1. To upload the contacts, go to Settings> CRM> Import contacts> Go to the Documentation.

2. From the API documentation you will be able to import the contacts.

3. Remember that you will need the unique token that Witei provides you.

  • The contacts will be imported with the invalid emails, in order to activate the emails we indicate the steps to follow here.

If you have any questions, please contact us via chat!

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