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Smart Inbox: automatic receipt of requests
Smart Inbox: automatic receipt of requests

A tool to register automatically the contacts generated from the real estate and other websites in Witei CRM.

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A. What is smart inbox?

It´s an smart mailbox that automatically registers in your CRM the clients that come to you from the websites or other external sources. This data becomes a file in Witei.


Smart Inbox is independent from the publication status of your properties in Witei. In other words, the operation of the reception of contacts does not verify that a property is available or not, but it would record in the CRM any contact that has been received in that Smart Inbox email. Even if the property is not published on the portal, if the portal generates a new notification of a new contact, Witei will process it and it will be seen in the file of this contact.

Therefore, it would not be possible to control what is received in your smart inbox email address, but the notices or contacts would be created if they match the format that it requires.

B. Where can I manage it?

1. Go to Settings> CRM> Smart inbox.

2. Activate '' Contact reception ''.

3. Automatic response and Copy of original mail are optional.

4. Your smart inbox email will appear in light blue similar to [email protected].

You can also check the emails you received in your Smart Inbox email from the same place. From ''See emails received'':

By clicking in the button "View received emails" Witei will show you a list with all the emails sended to your Smart Inbox mail. You will even be able to view the emails that are sent to you in a different format than the one required by Smart Inbox and, although you will be able to view them in that list, Witei will not extract contact from those.

If you already use the Witei Interconnections this process is automatic and you should not do it manually.

If you have a external website to Witei, you can also use Smart Inbox. You just have to make sure that your website generates emails with the following format:





Reference: XXXXXX


And sends them to your Smart Inbox address.

Contacts duplication

Smart Inbox will try, whenever is possible, to merge into the same CRM contact all emails received relating to the same contact.

Smart Inbox will need at least one piece of data (email or telephone) that is the same in the successive emails you receive in the Smart Inbox mailbox, to ensure that it is the same contact.

If at least one piece of this data is not located that the new email received is related to an existing contact in the CRM, Witei will generate a new contact file, in order to avoid merging data from two different people in the same contact.

C. How to choose a second email to receiver the original notification from the portals?

In order to receive a copy of the original email that the portal sends to Smart Inbox, you must enter a valid email address:

1. You must go to Settings > CRM > Smart Inbox.

2. Activate "Copy of the original mail".

3. Enter the email account where you want to receive these notifications, even if it is displayed in gray, you must write it and place it in black.

You can only place one email account to be able to forward the original emails from the portals, if you want them to be forwarded to another address you must delete the one you currently have and update it with the new email.

4. Finally Save the changes by clicking on "Save":

If you get a warning where Witei tells you that there seems to be an error sending emails to this address, you have two alternatives that you can do:

1- Change the indicated email address to another one.

2- Request an unblocking of the email address -> This option may not work if the email server continues to reject the forwarded emails.

This is how you will see it in Witei:

D. Who receives these demands?

They are associated with the account users in this way:

1. To the coordinator (if there exist in the office).

2. To the user in charge of property.

3. To the first administrator created in the Witei account. If this administrator is in another work team at that moment, the notification would reach the second administrator created.

If the client is already created in Witei, it will continue to be assigned to the person in charge who is managing it and on its main screen "Dashboard" he will see any updates about the client.

E. How is the origin of the data assigned?

Witei uses the contact origin attribution based on the first source from which the request came, and this is preserved if the same contact re-enters the system.

F. Automatic Response feature.

By enable this feature, Witei to send an email to your contact request attaching some properties from your portfolio specially selected according to the interests and also accompanying them with the message. You can customize this message.

You can activate the automatic response feature from:

Settings > CRM > Smart Inbox > Activate the "Automatic response" option > Customize the message you want > Save the changes.

Make sure the bottom is blue so that means the feature is enabled.

Keep in mind that the sender email that your contacts will see is: , so that the responses can reach the Witei Conversations tool and you can manage them from there.

Please note that the "Automatic-responder" message customization features included in the Enterprise Plan of the CRM service.

Some other factors to consider for receiving an automatic response:

  • The automatic response message from Smart Inbox is only sent to contacts that are newly created as a result of receiving their contact request in the Smart Inbox email.

  • For Smart Inbox to generate an email with other suggested properties based on the interests of this new contact, there must be cases recorded in the contact's match tab.

G. Detection and errors reporting in Smart Inbox

The only emails you will receive at your Smart Inbox address are the ones that have the minimum data necessary to create a new contact can be automatically processed and registered in your CRM.

Therefore, in case you think that Smart Inbox is not working correctly, the first thing you should check is the contact information email that reached your Smart Inbox account. You can do this by checking the history of emails received in your account:

If the email is not there, we recommend you to make sure that the sender sent it to that address. If the sender is a portal, check your notification settings on the portal itself.

If the email is there, you can check it by clicking on the subject. A new window will open with the email and you can confirm if the email contains the minimum data necessary to create a contact with them. That is to say:

At least one contact email or telephone number must be identified

It may or may not contain a name, if it does not, "Unknown" would be used.

It may contain the reference of the property of interest.

Only if the email contains the reference of the property of interest (the reference must be written identically as in Witei, including the capitalization used), Witei will be able to detect which property this contact was interested in and register it in their contact file. Finally calculating the contacto interests.

Note that Smart Inbox is able to extract a property reference from the email content. So, if that property reference exactly matches one that you have in your Witei property portfolio, then it will be filled according to the interests of that corresponding contact.

H. Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why am I not receiving a copy of the emails sent to my Smart Inbox?

    In these cases, it is possible that your email provider is silently filtering the emails as SPAM, unwanted, or similar.

    For this reason, we recommend contacting your email provider and ensuring that they are accepting and not marking as spam the emails received from the sender:

If you have any questions, contact us by chat!

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