A. What is smart inbox?

B. Where can I configure it?

C. Who receives these demands?

A. What is smart inbox?

It´s an intelligent mailbox that automatically registers in your CRM the clients that come to you from the portals or other external sources. This data becomes a token on Witei.

B. Where can I configure it?

1. Go to Settings> CRM> Smart inbox.

2. Activate '' Contact reception ''.

3. Automatic response and Copy of original mail are optional.

4. Your smart inbox email will appear in light blue similar to [email protected].

If you already use the Witei Interconnections this process is automatic and you should not do it manually.

If you have a external website to Witei, you can also use Smart Inbox. You just have to make sure that your website generates emails with the following format:





Email: [email protected]

Reference: XXXXXX


And sends them to your Smart Inbox address.

C. Who receives these demands?

They are associated with the account users in this way:

1. To the coordinator (if there is in the office).

2. To the administrator of property.

3. To the first administrator created in the Witei account. If you are an administrator who is in more work teams, the notification would reach the second administrator created.

If the client is already in Witei, it will continue to be assigned to the person in charge who is managing it and on its main screen "Dashboard" it will indicate the news of the client.

If you have any questions, contact us by chat!

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