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Google reviews: get valuations and ratings for your real estate business.
Google reviews: get valuations and ratings for your real estate business.

Discover how to get visitors to your website to leave a review on Google rating and rating your real estate business

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A. What is it and what is the purpose of having a business listing on Google?

It is a free tool that Google has provided so that any business can make itself known through the Internet with great ease.

With this tool you will be able to manage, create and configure your business listing. In addition, you will be able to adapt it and add the information you want to show in the Google search engine or in Google Maps.

The appearance of the information in the search engine will be like a business card of the business.

You will be able to include the business name, contact information, link to the website, opening hours, business address. Thanks to tools like these your business will be easily found.

Here is a representation of how your business would look like with its business listing on Google.

B. How to create a business listing on Google?

The process to create a business listing on Google is the same if you have a digital business or a physical business.

  1. The first thing to do is to go to Google Business Profile and access the sign in and/or manage now section.

  2. Now you will be able to request Add your business to Google.

  3. You can then start creating your business profile.

  4. Add the Name of your business and select the Business Category.

  5. Choose if your business has a Location or not.

  6. You must now choose the Geographic Zones in which you offer your Services.

  7. It is time to select the Country where your business is located.

  8. Enter the Contact Details of the business in the tab.

  9. Add a Mailing Address to which Google will send you a physical letter with a Code that you will need to use to Verify your listing. Remember that this address is not completely necessary to be the one of your business, because if it is an online business, it does not have a physical location. So you can add your home address.

  10. Now you can set the Business Hours of the business.

  11. Configure if you want customers to send you messages through the card or not.

  12. Add a Description of the business, and the Products and Services you offer.

  13. Add photos of your business so that customers can see what your business looks like and what you offer.

Within the Company Profile Panel you will be able to complete what you may have missed and add more details that you prefer to add.

C. When will the business listing appear on Google?

Without verification, the listing will not be active and visible on Google.

Once you receive the letter from Google, you will be able to verify the listing to complete the process and add that verification code to your Google business profile.

Then, Google will verify and check the quality of the listing, so it may take 2 to 5 days.

We recommend that you visit the Resources section to get the most out of the tools and tips provided to optimize your business listing on Google.

D. How can I get reviews from my Real Estate Website?

From your Real Estate Web Configuration section with Witei you can activate this feature by following these steps:

  1. Access the Real Estate Web section of your Witei account.

  2. Click on Google Reviews.

  3. Use the search engine of the business by adding its name and the address of the business listing in Google.

Important: We will add a label on the left side of the front page of your website showing the name of your business (as seen on Google), the number of reviews and the rating.

Verify that the name and address of the Google business listing you are adding in Witei corresponds correctly with your business.

Once your website has this tag added, those who click on it will be redirected to the Google business listing so they can leave a review.

This will allow you to get more valuations and ratings of your real estate business.

This functionality in your Real Estate Web in Witei requires that you are in the Premium Plan of the Real Estate Web.

If you are not yet in this Plan, you can activate it from:

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via chat!

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