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Uses of your Real Estate Web
Uses of your Real Estate Web

We would like you to know in depth your main showcase: your web site.

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It is important to know how your visitors see your business online and what options you have to get the most out of your real estate website with Witei.

A. Search for a property by reference

You can search by property reference from any of our 6 predesigned templates of the web, below we link all of them:

Just click on the magnifying glass icon located in the upper right corner of the menu of each predesigned template and you will see the option to search for the reference you want:

This way, you will be able to view the property on your website without having to log in to your Witei account.

B. Property search engine

One of the most remarkable blocks of the main page of your real estate website in Witei, without a doubt, is the real estate search engine. This search engine gives you the possibility to:

  • Choose whether to display properties for sale, for rent or vacation rental (if you have them) by clicking on each of the buttons:

  • Choose the type of property you are looking for using the drop-down menu (house, parking space, land, etc):

  • Finally, the real estate search engine gives you the option to type in the specific area where you are looking for. If you do not add any area and directly click on "Search", you will search in any area:

Keep in mind that the options that appear in the drop-down menu of your property search engine are exactly the same as the data that you have registered in your own property portfolio.

That is to say, as you have saved the information of your properties in Witei, so it will appear in the search engine of your website. This includes: accents, capital letters, small letters, etc. We tell you more about it in this article of our Support Center.

C. Filter results

Once you click on the "Search" button you will see a list of the properties that meet the above requirements.

  • On the left side of this screen you will be able to add more filters or change the ones previously indicated to refine your search.

  • Note that you can view your properties in list view or in map view:

It is important to know that:

  • Search using the site map also acts as a search filter and, in addition, does not limit the number of results. That is, if you access the "Map" tab, the results will be directly those of the area you have previously typed (example: "Coslada"), but if you scroll the map you will see that the URL of your browser is automatically encoded with the new coordinates of your search. That way, you have full control over what results to show if you want to share that link.

  • You can add more search filters and sorting, which will also be reflected in the URL, so you can be more precise and use those URLs, for example, for your marketing campaigns.

  • Another improvement is that now the tags you use in your Witei account will appear as filter options on your website. This way, your web visitors will always be able to find properties that match their needs.

D. How to use the URL of your website to promote your properties

Did you know that the URL of your website is dynamic? This means that you can apply search filters on your website to search for your properties and when you apply them you will see that your URL will change and reflect the filters you apply on it. Those filters will remain applied if you share those URLs.

You can see how the URL changes to integrate the filters you apply in this example:

Your website URLs filtered through the map or through any of the options discussed in the previous sections of this article are perfectly compatible to be used directly in marketing campaigns, landing pages, etc.

We recommend the following steps for the creation of your campaigns or landings:

  1. Start from your home page.

  2. Choose the type of property and operation: sale or rent.

  3. Filter the area of interest.

  4. Adjust the map and check the applied filters.

  5. Copy the link of your website once you have done the previous steps. This way that URL will take into account all the settings and filters applied.

You will be able to add that URL to a button in your Landings or campaigns to let your contacts know more properties of your portfolio located in the area they are interested in or that have the same characteristics:

In this way, the precision in the results will be maximum and you will be able to promote the properties that you are most interested in showing for each campaign.

If you still do not have your real estate website or you are thinking of improving your main showcase, we want to let you know that with Witei you have both pre-designed templates and the possibility of creating your website from scratch 100% customized.

If you have any questions, please contact us via chat!

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