If you need to change several contacts inactive, reactivate them or delete them at the same time, you can do it. It is also possible to send them a personalized email campaign.

As you can see that there is a checkbox that can be marked in front of each contact. You have to select all those that interest you, in the drop-down menu above you mark the action you want to do on them and give the button "apply".

Step 1: Select the clients

Step 2: Select an action to do

You can even use the filters to show only the clients that are interesting for you, an example, the responsible , the origin, etc.

If you want to select all the contacts that appear filtered, you can click on the first check box that appears and they will all be marked automatically. To the right of the apply button we indicate how many have been selected.

If you choose to delete permanently , the contacts will be removed from your account, and you need to create again if you wanna have it again.

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