A. Create a client

B. Duplicate contacts

C. Customer file: funnel stage

D. Marking a customer as lost

E. Stars on contacts

F. How to contact the customer

G. Customer file information

H. Creating a contact source

I. Adding Tasks

J. The Ticketing tool

When a customer is interested in your services, registering them in your CRM is crucial for the correct management of business opportunities.

A. Create a customer

In the left menu click on CRM > Clients.

You will see your entire customer portfolio. To add a new one, just click on "Add customer" and enter the name of the customer (you can add more information later):

You will access the form to edit the client where you can fill in all the necessary information about him: Name, type, email, phone and more fields.

You will also be able to select whether it is a customer, collaborator or other type of contact, as well as indicate the stage of the funnel they are in.

B. Duplication of contacts

In Witei, in principle, it is not possible to duplicate clients, so you will not be able to enter a telephone number or email address that you have already registered in another file.

If you want to be able to duplicate the customer files, you have to go to:

1. Settings.

2. CRM.

3. General.

4. Check the button "allow duplicate contacts".

If Witei detects that the customer already exists, based on their email or phone number, it will indicate this with a message stating the following:

Phone in use by: Client's name

Responsible: User in charge of managing it

Once you have entered all the data you must save and you will have automatically generated your file.

C. Customer file: funnel stage

At the top you will find the stage of the funnel in which the customer is. The stages are differentiated according to the type of customer. Won and lost are not considered as stages because they are contact statuses.

You can customise as many stages as you want by indicating the stage name according to your preferences.

D. Marking a contact as lost

We recommend marking a contact as inactive rather than deleting it. To do this, click on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side and select "mark as lost".

E. Stars in the contacts

Above the name of the contact you can see the option to mark 3 stars.

Stars are a way of rating a contact. It is a subjective rating, as you are the one who chooses the parameters you want to use.

You can indicate 3 stars if they respond to emails and do not cancel appointments at the last minute, and 1 star if they cancel appointments at the last minute or do not respond to emails. But it is totally subjective and you choose what it means.

F. How to contact a customer

In the client's file on the right hand side you can see their most important details such as their telephone number and email address:

If you click on the Whatsapp icon you can send them a message directly via Whatsapp without having to have previously added them to your mobile phone.

To send him an email, click on his email or "Send message" so you can open a conversation and contact him quickly:

G. Customer file information

1.The assigned salesperson: the person responsible for the client.

2.Internal notes: in case you want to add additional information about the client.

3.Interests: here you can indicate tags to get to know your customer better.

4.Contact origin: This is the origin from which the customer comes from. You can select a predefined origin or create new ones.

H. Create a contact source

In order to create an origin, you can do it from:



3.Contact origins.

4.You will see that Witei gives you some default sources from portals or from "Commercial" or "Witei". You cannot delete any of these sources.

5. Create your own sources (your personalised contact sources) by clicking on:


6.Choose the icon you want for your source or indicate the URL of your icon (size must be 22x22 px).

5.Fill in the name in both English and Spanish.

6.Click on save.

I. How to add tasks

In the centre of a client's file is where you can see all the activities you have with a contact. In order to add a task, click on "Add task" at the top right hand side.

J. The Ticketing tool

The Tickets section is a simple, direct and quick way to manage specific incidents. All the information of the process will be saved in the client's file. For example, if we need to request documentation from the customer, if there is a billing procedure to be carried out, if there is incorrect customer information that needs to be corrected.

To open a new ticket you must click on the blue button ''Add ticket'' and include a subject, an affected customer, a user responsible for the management of the ticket, a status and a priority. Then click on ''Save''.

You will be able to manage the tickets in your office in a public or private way:

1. Public comment: all the information included in this section will be sent to the customer's email address. They can reply to you and their reply will be associated with the ticket.

2. Private note: this information will remain in the customer's file, he will not receive it and will allow us to include specific notes and comments. You will distinguish it because it will appear in yellow, just like the saved notes.

On the left side, you can see the tickets you have open with the contact and their status. The status refers to the situation in which the tickets are: open, new, pending, stopped, solved, closed.

If you have any questions, ask us via chat!

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