You need to follow this invitation link in order to use the Witei's Zapier App:

Link to access the private Witei App in Zapier

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that allows you to connect two different Internet services in a very easy way. No technical knowledge requiered.

What kind of integrations?

Zapier covers two different kind of integrations:


Zapeir is able to detect when a new event is trigged by an application. For instance:

  • A new contact is created in Witei (event triggered by Witei)

  • A new lead left contact information in a Facebook form (event triggered by Facebook's Zapier App)

  • An inbound call registered by your VoIP software (maybe Aircall?)


You can attach specific actions to occur after an event is triggered. For instance:

  • Create a Task for a user (an specific agent of your Witei account, maybe)

  • Create a new Client in your CRM Software (Witei, of course)

  • Create a new message in Slack (or any other enterprise chat platform)

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