If you want to have a 100% personalized website, you can do it with our web design tool.

Witei offers you several pre-designed templates that you can use for inspiration, but you can also design your website from scratch.

Here we explain how you can do it.

A. Check this before starting to design your website

B. First steps to start customizing your website

C. Features of the web designer to customize your website

D. Discover what you can do with the pre-designed templates

E. Learn to use the Property page layouts

F. Branding: General information about your website

A. Check this before starting to design your website

It will depend on what you are going to need and want to do right now.

If you want to customize 100% of your website design you will need to be in the Enterprise Plan of our Web service.

If you consider that it is enough for you to use the pre-designed templates, you can be in the Premium, Normal or Basic Plans.

Each Plan will include the possibility of using some pre-designed templates and others not.

You can see it from your account section in Web Design.

B. First steps to start customizing your website

To start customizing your website, you must choose this Cover Design option.

Once you click on edit design you will access the section where you can:

  • Customize the Navigation Menu.

  • Customize the Home Page.

  • Customize the Footer.

In addition, you will have the possibility to make this customization in multiple languages such as Spanish, English, Italian, Catalan, French, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, German, and/or Swedish.

Let's now delve into the possibilities you have with each option you can customize.

1) Navigation Menu

Accounts with the possibility of including links or drop-downs that include different links.

This editor will allow you to customize the menu that will later be seen horizontally at the top of your website.

You can add as many elements as you want and link the different sections of your website, the Landings that you have created, or even other external websites.

Drag each menu up or down to arrange them as you like, or move it to the right to create a submenu.

Example of a Navigation Menu:

2) Home Page

You will be able to achieve the customization of the main page in a very intuitive way thanks to the fact that our visual layout allows you to drag and drop elements in a very friendly way.

Our layout builder allows you to edit and add:

  • The Content: from this section, you can add columns, buttons, dividers, forms, headers, images, text, and additional HTML code and you can even add a web menu that is directly connected to the information you configure in the navigation menu.

  • The Blocks: from this section, you can control the number of blocks that will be on your website. Blocks allow you to divide your website into equal or unequal parts. Thanks to this you can adjust the content of your website as you prefer. In addition, if you use our real estate software you can add a property search engine that is directly connected to the information in your property portfolio.

  • The Body: from this section, you can configure the color of the text, the background color, the background image, the width of the content, the alignment of the content, the font family, and the color in which the texts with links are reflected.

  • Images: from this section, you can select stock photos and images to your liking. This will allow you to give your website a more professional look.

3) Footer

The Personalization of the Footer can be done in a similar way to that of the main page of the web.

You will have the possibility of using the web editor and independently editing the Footer with the data that you consider ideal in this section of your website, such as the business logo, legal notices, a means of contact, and/or links to interest.

Example of a Footer:

C. Features of the web designer to customize your website

Witei's web designer has a set of elements that you can add as content to your website and customize it.

These elements are:

Columns - Columns allow you to organize the content in the parts you prefer to add and order them as you see fit.

Button - You can customize the buttons to your liking and add links to send visitors to your website wherever you want.

Divider - Dividers allow you to separate the content you add to blocks and columns.

Heading - Headers allow you to order the type of text on your main page. These are usually of type H1, H2, or H3, all to differentiate the headlines, subheadings, and paragraphs of the web page.

HTML - This element allows you to add HTML code as content. One of the most common uses of this element in our layout designer is to insert videos. Thanks to this element you can add videos to your main page using the video insertion code provided by the platform where you have it stored, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Image - This element allows you to add images from your computer or use the images that we provide you from the layout designer itself. In addition, you will have an image editor that allows you to adjust them.

Text - This element allows you to add text and customize it as you prefer it. You can adjust the typography, and size and customize it as you need.

Property - This element allows you to add properties that are part of your real estate portfolio in Witei's Real Estate Software and customize the style of how web visitors will see them on the main page.

IMPORTANT: The properties search engine and the navigation menu will come by default on your personalized website. You don't need to edit them from the layout designer.

In the following video we show you how you can use the web designer:

D. Discover what you can do with the pre-designed templates

The pre-designed templates allow you to streamline the design process of your website.

These will allow you to have your website ready in a few minutes. No technical or advanced web design knowledge is required.

We call each pre-designed template by a name.

We currently have the following pre-designed templates:

Each of these pre-designed templates has a series of features, elements, and functionalities that make the web more friendly to attract more potential customers.

We share the comparative table below:

Keep in mind that you need to choose whether you want to fully customize your website or if you want to use a pre-designed template, since one will always prevail over the other, so it is necessary to choose between one of the two options to design your website.

Don't worry though, at no time will you lose anything you've progressed and saved with either of the two options.

If you have configured your website design with a pre-designed template you can choose the custom design option without losing what you have done with any of the previously pre-designed templates.

This will give you flexibility when it comes to testing and evaluating which of the two options you will prefer to use for your website design.

To choose any of the options that we offer you, you can do it this way by selecting the circle that each of the options has in its upper left section:

E. Learn to use the Property page layouts

These Property page designs are pages specially designed for the promotion of the properties in your Witei portfolio.

Thanks to these designs you can attract more potential customers through your website.

You have two Property page layouts:

  • Basic property page design.

  • Monaco real estate page layout.

Thanks to this type of design, it will be possible for your property pages to:

  • Have all the information that you consider relevant to your customers.

  • Properties can be saved as favorites.

  • Have an advanced viewer of photographs, plans, videos, and virtual tours.

  • Get a better position.

  • Count on enhanced calls to action.

  • Count on an improved mobile version.

F. Branding: General information about your website

To be able to edit the content of your website, click on Branding from this section you can edit the general information that will be displayed on your website, the fields that will be able to edit are the following:

  • Title.

  • Short description.

  • Slogan.

  • Description.

If you want to place the short description, slogan, and description in the languages that we have available, you must click on each flag that represents the language and write the text.

Also, you must be wondering, in which sections of my Home Page can I see this content?

The best way to identify it is to use the same words in each field so that you identify them that way on your website and know where each of the elements of the Branding content will go.

Example with the Tokyo Template:

  • Cover images: You can include 4, we recommend that it be a horizontal image.

  • The image must not be larger than 1MB.

If the image you want to place weighs more than 1MB, we recommend you use this website to adjust the size and upload it.

  • Company logo.

  • Favicon: It is the small image that appears in the tab of your browser.

  • Corporate Color: It is the color that represents your brand.

If you do not know the color of your brand, you can upload an image of your logo on this website and copy the color code.

  • Font type: You can select the type of font to be displayed on your website.

You can edit the general information of your website as many times as necessary and thus be able to have your website to your liking.

If you have any questions, ask us through our chat!

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