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Web pages: advanced personalization

Add JavaScript and CSS to your website

Updated over a week ago

Although multiple design and content customizations can be made to Witei websites, some more advanced users will want to make some deeper modifications to the structure, animations, behavior, etc. of the websites.

Witei cannot offer direct access to modify the existing HTML, JavaScript and CSS in the web templates. However, Witei does offer the possibility to add additional JavaScript and CSS.

To do this, you must go to the JavaScript and CSS section in the configuration menu of your website and there you can add your own code:

Regarding the positioning, you can modify the meta tags from the advanced section of the configuration of your website. If this configuration is filled in, the meta tags provided by Witei will no longer be used. The most important meta tags to take into account are: title, description and keywords.

You cannot modify the meta tags and programming structure of the properties since Witei generates them automatically.

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