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Web: 100% custom design
Web: 100% custom design

Design the homepage of your website completely with Witei

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A. What is the custom template and the layout tool.

Witei gives you the opportunity to customize 100% the look and feel of your website.

You will be able to customize: your website's menu, the home page and the footer using a simple web layout tool. This way, you will be able to add your own texts, images, links, videos and much more! This way you will be able to differentiate yourself from the rest by creating your own design.

To start creating your custom design you would have to access the section:

Web > Design > Click on "Edit design".

When you click on "Edit design" you will start using the layout tool, which is nothing more than the web builder tool. You will be familiar with this layout tool if you have used Witei's Landing pages and email marketing campaigns before.

Keep in mind that:

  • We know that creating your custom website from scratch or starting to customize it from one of our base examples can be time consuming. That's why you can have one of our 6 pre-designed templates publicly visible on your website while you create your 100% custom design. This way you can design your custom website little by little, save your changes and resume your design whenever you want from this section. Once you finish it, you can make it publicly visible whenever you want.

  • Keep in mind that while you are creating your custom website you will always be able to see how it looks from the layout eye icon. You will be able to see it in desktop, tablet or mobile view, since Witei websites are responsive:

  • You will only make your custom website publicly visible if you select the "customized" option and click on save:

B. Differences between pre-designed templates and custom design.

As this is a fully customized design, it has differences compared to the pre-designed templates offered by Witei. Here are some of them.

Keep in mind that in your custom design:

  • There will be no automatic update of the "Latest Properties" section on the website. That is, you would have to manually update the properties that you want to appear in that section of your website from the layout.

  • You would have to manually update the section "Featured properties" from the layout. You will be able to add the properties you want to highlight manually.

  • If you have more than one workspace in your network, you will not have the "Our offices" section.

  • To display the "About us" section on the web, you will have to create that section manually from the layout with the photos and description of each member of your team.

C. Using the layout to customize your website.

In the following video we will show you step by step how to customize the home page of your website:

  • How to add content to your custom design.

  • How to differentiate between blocks, columns and elements.

  • How to add each of the content elements and their customizable parameters.

  • How to use the pre-built examples as a base for your customization.

If you have any questions, please contact us via chat!

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