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Extensions that can be enabled on the Web
Extensions that can be enabled on the Web

Property commercial, about us, blog, publish properties, show recent properties, show property price drops and Witei disclaimer.

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To enable the extensions must click on the button that this to the right of gray color and it will be placed of blue color of this form:

If you want to deactivate them, just click on the blue button and set them to gray.

A. Property Commercial

Currently only available for the Barcelona and Tokyo pre-designed templates, this extension will allow the clients to see the profile of the advisor in charge of managing the property.

B. About us

All members of your team will be displayed on your website. Currently you can not select which ones you want to be displayed and which ones you do not.

The information displayed will be collected from the profile of each user, we recommend you to place a photo on your users.

C. Blog

  • Display your articles on your website.

  • We recommend you to keep your articles updated and add new ones frequently.

  • You can have your blog with any of the pre-designed templates.

  • If you use the 100% customizable template you will be able to add a section with your linked Blog articles.

  • We explain all the details to create your blog in this article.

D. Publish Properties

  • In order to fill out this form the client from the Web must click on "Property valuation".

  • By enabling this extension the web visitor/owner will be able to fill in the web form to send you the data of his property. This way you will be able to capture it to start commercializing with it. The data requested to the web visitor/owner in this web tab are:

1- Contact information (Information to be able to contact with the owner)

2- Location of the property.

3- Characteristics of the property.

  • This extension is currently available for the Tokyo and Barcelona pre-designed web templates.

  • Once the web visitor/owner provides you the data through this form what will happen in your Witei account will be the following:

    1. An owner contact will be created in your CRM with the data provided by the contact through the web form.

    2. A new property will be created in your Witei account in "Prospect" status so that you can start commercializing with it if you wish, contact the owner, add more information, images, etc.

E. Show recent properties

  • All the properties that have been recently added and are in available status will be displayed on the Web.

  • The order in which they are displayed on the Web will depend on when the properties are created, it is not possible to edit this order.

F. Show property price drops

You can select if you want to display the price reduction that was made to the properties on the web.

Witei shows the amount in € that the property was reduced and the percentage %.

Important note: the % of price reduction that will be reflected on the web is calculated based on the first price added to the property file.

In addition, each portal has its own price record. Witei has the history since the property is created in Witei.

Each portal has the history according to the date it was published on that portal.

G. Witei disclaimer

In the footer you will be able to place that the Web is developed by Witei.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us via chat!

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