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Billing and payment method

Billing data, pending payments, revision requests, etc.

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Please note: Witei is a subscription-based service. As a user, you can choose at any time any of the different pricing plans we have available for each product, you can see the different rates by clicking on each of the services below:

You must take into account that all billing transactions are only done online through the secure area of Subscriptions enabled in your Witei account. Under no circumstances will payments be made by email or telephone. This is done to safeguard the security of your user data.

A. View my invoices

1. Click on Configuration - Subscription.

2. Click on the "Subscription" option.

3. At the bottom "View all my invoices".

4. You can download the invoice and open revision if necessary.

Important: Witei issues invoices 24/48h after the confirmation of the charge in the bank.

Note that you can also access your Subscription section by clicking on the Settings icon in your main menu, after which you will see a section on "Billing" so that you can access it from there:

B. Add/change billing data

1. Click on Configuration - Subscription.

2. Click on the "Subscription" option.

3. Billing Data, click on "Edit".

4. Fill in the Billing data.

Once you save the Billing data, it is necessary to update the payment method for the change to take place.

C. Set up/change bank details

1. Click on Configuration - Subscription.

2. Click on the "Subscription" option.

3. Invoicing data, click on "Edit" or "Enter your payment details".

4. If you have the free plan you can change your billing information without changing your subscriptions.

IMPORTANT: if you have unpaid invoices, it will not allow you to change the payment method if the unpaid invoices have not been paid. You can do it by credit card/bank account which does not have to match the usual payment method indicated in Witei.

Also, if you have received an email message stating that your subscription has been canceled, you don't have to worry. This happens because when editing this data, what Witei detects is that while the new data is included, there is a period of time in which it does not have a payment method and therefore the subscription is canceled.

D. Available payment methods.

Accepted credit cards:

American Express

China UnionPay (CUP)

Discover & Diners

Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)



List of countries from which we accept direct debit:
















San Marino


For the use of credit card the country is indifferent, it is only important to have an account that is among the countries listed above. Important: Paypal option is currently not available.

E. Reactivation of the account after the impossibility of collection

If any of your invoices are unpaid:

1. From the left menu click on your user icon/photo.

2. Go to "Subscription".

3. At the bottom of the page "View all my invoices".

4. You will see the unpaid invoice highlighted, click on "Pay now".

F. Switching from one plan to another

What happens if you want to change your plan while you have another plan activated? Witei does not charge twice within the same period. Plan changes are applied instantly, and the new plan will be charged when the current plan runs out.

For example, if your payment cycle is on the 1st of each month and you change your plan on the 15th of each month from Normal to Premium, you will have the Premium plan from the 15th of each month and only on the 1st of the following month you will pay the price of the new Premium plan.

G. Refund of the service

During the first 15 days after you have paid for your Witei service, you have the possibility to cancel it and request a refund if you are not satisfied with the service. It is important to note that this refund will be automatic only during the first 15 days.

H. Tax Information

Witei is a company based in Madrid, Spain. Therefore, invoices issued for services include 21% VAT except for the following cases:

  • Companies in the Canary Islands, whose invoices will be exempt from VAT. These invoices may be declared by the clients by reversal of the taxable person.

  • Companies outside Spain but within the European Union, which are registered as intra-community operators. These invoices are also exempt from VAT.

I. Correction of erroneous invoices - Change of invoicing data.

In case you detect an error in your invoices (for example: you have changed the billing data and you want the old invoices with the correct data): please notify our customer service team indicating the exact references of the affected invoices and the data you expect to appear. Witei will issue new corrective invoices to cancel the erroneous invoices.

If you have any questions, please contact us via chat!

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