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How to manage my properties on my website?
How to manage my properties on my website?

Information about publishing your properties on the web with Witei

Updated over a week ago

With Witei's website the properties that you include in the Real Estate section and have available status will be automatically published on your website.

A. Why is my property not on my website?

You should check the following:

1. Status of the property: it must be in ''Available'' from Properties > Your file > Edit. If it is in another different status it will not be published in your web.

B. Hidden property on the Web

You should check if your property is hidden on the web because if it is, it will not be published on the web or portals.

1. You can see it at the top right in the "Share" tab.

If it appears as "Hide property on my website" it means that it is visible.

If it appears as "Make the property on the internet" it means that it is hidden.

2. To change either of the two you need to click on the eye icon.

C. Highlighting properties on a website with content from the network

Currently it is possible to highlight properties that are in the "My properties" portfolio of the workspace where the web is contracted.

If the property you want to highlight is from another workspace with which you share content on your Web, you must follow these steps:

1. Copy the property to your portfolio, from My shared properties.

2. After having the property in the list of "my properties" go to Web > Featured. Click to know how to place a property in Featured.

The properties that come from other workspaces are automatically updated.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via chat!

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