1. Access to Landings section

2. Choose the design of your Landing Page

3. Configuration of your Landing

4. How to edit the design of your Landing Page

1. Access to Landings section

From the main menu, go to the section: Marketing > Landing pages.

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  • From this section you will be able to see your landings and all the landings created by the users of your workspace.

  • From the the three vertical dots icon of each landing you will be able to: edit its configuration, edit its design, clone and delete them.

  • From this screen you can also publish or unpublish each landing by activating the "published" icon.

Then, Click on the "Create your Landing" button located in the upper right corner.

2. Choose the design of your Landing Page

From here you will see two tabs: "Predesigned templates" and "your pages":

  • In the "Predesigned templates" tab you can choose one of the designs we have or select the "blank template" to create your own from scratch.

  • In the "Your Pages" tab you will see again the landings already created by the users of your own workspace. You will be able to see who is the "Creator" user and when was the last update of each Landing.

When you have selected the template or the design, click on the blue button: "Use this template" or "Reuse this design":

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3. Configuration of your Landing

Then, you will access the "Landing Configuration" page:

General information

Title: Write the title with which you want to name your landing page. This title is private, that is, it will only be visible to the users of your workspace.

Domain: Choose the domain where you want to display this landing page.

Important: you will only be able to select the domain if you have the Real Estate Web service with the domain in full management with Witei.

Slug: URL where your page will be displayed. It should not contain spaces, use hyphens instead. You can use "/" to create "sub-categories".

If you notice, when you fill in the "Title" of your landing page, this field will already be autocompleted. However you can modify it as you prefer by following the requirements.


Meta-title: This will be the name that will be displayed in the navigation bar and in the search results. Recommended length: 60 characters.

Meta-description: This description will appear in search engines. Recommended length: 100 characters.

Featured image for social networks: Select the image you want to appear in social networks.

Once you are done with this configuration, at the top you will see that you can Publish your landing page to make it visible and you can also unpublish your landing page from there.

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Important: click on the blue "Save changes" button after configuration.

4. How to edit the design of your Landing Page

The next step is to Edit your landing page:

On the right side of your screen you will have the section from which you can design, edit and structure all the content and components of your Landing both from desktop and mobile view:

The edition includes four sections: Content, blocks, body and images.

Content Section:

February 4, 2022 12:02:55 pm - Screenshot

You can drag to your editing sheet content such as: columns, buttons, section dividers, forms, headers, information in HTML language, images, add a menu or text.

Important: If you are going to include a form from which you are going to obtain personal data or information (email, telephone, etc) you must add a "Checkbox" field in that form about: acceptance of privacy terms and conditions.

1. Add a new field to the form.

2. Select the type of checkbox field.

3. Define the field name you prefer.

4. Name the field label you want.

5. In the options section, add the text indicating acceptance.

6. Finally, we recommend that you make this field mandatory.

If you want a hyperlink to your legal pages on your website from this text, you need to add the following code in the Options field, adding your links to your legal pages on your website.

I accept that my data is treated following the <a href=" add here the link of your page of privacy policies"> Privacy Policy</a> and the <a href=" add here the link of your page of terms of use"> Terms of use</a>

Block section:

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Body Section:

Image 2022-02-07 at 11.02.17 AM

From this section you can modify the background and text of your editing sheet.

Images section:

From this section you can search for the image that best fits your landing using the search bar and drag it to your editing sheet to work with it.

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Important: You will always have a menu in the lower left corner of your editing sheet from which you can: undo and redo changes, see the "preview" of your landing, see in "desktop view" and see in "mobile view".

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When you are done, remember to save your changes.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via chat!

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