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Blog: create your own articles
Blog: create your own articles

Create articles in your Blog to position your Witei website and share interesting content.

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A. Benefits of using the Blog

From Witei's web pages you can manage your blog in an easy and simple way. Generating engaging and interesting content frequently through the Blog can have the following benefits on your website:

  • It will make you get more traffic to your website helping you to attract more visitors.

  • It will promote your brand image and differentiate you from other businesses.

  • You will update your website frequently keeping it active, increasing your visibility in search engines.

  • This content is likely to be shared, causing more frequent visits to your website.

In short, with each article you will have an opportunity to get more potential customers.

B. How to create Blog articles

To create new articles in your blog with Witei follow these steps:

  1. Go to your section: Web > Select "Blog".

  2. Click on: "Create new article". Creating your article you will be able to add:

  • The Article title

  • The Slug

  • The Article content

  • A Meta-title

  • A Meta-description

  • A featured image for Social Networks

3. If you don't complete your article and want to continue it later, you can save it as a draft by checking the "Draft" box.

Screen Recording 2022-09-28 at PM

Please note: you can have your blog with any of the pre-designed web templates and also with the 100% customizable Witei website you can create a Blog section linking all the created articles you want to display.

Final result with the pre-designed "Tokyo" web template:

C. Tips on creating your Blog articles

Key points to keep in mind before creating your article:

- Focus on a topic with search potential and what audience you want to target.

- Do SEO keyword research for your chosen topic.

- Create an organized outline and write content in that context.

- Choose eye-catching images and introduce calls to action such as: redirect to your website via a link, include your contact and product information, etc.

Here we will go deeper and advise you a little more on each of the sections to fill in when you create an article in your Blog:

  • The Article title: it concisely and clearly states what you will develop in the body of your article. Your page title must be able to remind visitors what the content of your article is about in a simple way.

  • The Slug: the "slug" or friendly URL of your article is crucial for the SEO and positioning of your article. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the previous "keyword research" and use them in this URL avoiding both special characters and spaces.

  • The Article content: The objective is that the article provides value or new information regarding the chosen topic. Organize and order your main ideas to structure the content according to them.


  • A Meta-title: The name that will be displayed in the navigation bar and in search results.

  • A Meta-description: It will appear in search engines. Recommended length: 100 characters.

  • A featured image for social networks must have a size of 1200x600px. Choose the image you want to be displayed when sharing or sharing your article on social networks.

D. Export your blog articles

Now from your Witei account you have the possibility to export your blog articles in excel format (xls).

The download of this data is done from the general export screen following these steps:

3. Export blog articles

When the export is completed, the export status will change from Pending to Done and you will be able to download it from the history of requested exports.

If you have any questions, please contact us via chat!

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