A. Email campaigns

B. Drip Campaigns

A. Email campaigns

1.Go to CRM and select clients (you can do it bulk edit) "Select current page".

2.Click on "Select an action"> Send email campaign > Apply

3. You can choose between a professional design already created, a design that you have previously saved or create your campaign from scratch. You can customize your campaign as seen in the following video:

4. Click to send

B. Drip Campaigns

1. Using the filters, create a customer's group with the customers you want to receive the campaign and save the search.

To create a customer´s group you have to go to the customer list, apply the filters you need and save the search. Once you save the search, you will see the option to create a customer´s group as you can see below:

New customers customers will join the segment automatically.

2. Then go to Marketing> Drip campaign> Click on "Create drip campaign".

3. Select the name of the campaign and the customer´s group you want to use previously created.

4. Click on "add email" and create it.

5. You can edit the campaign as you like.

6. When you save the email, it will be in a paused state so that it is sent, click on Activate.

7. To see the report of the sent email, click on "View report".

8. You delete it by clicking on the three points and "Delete email".

9. After creating the first email, you can create many more and place a condition, when that condition is met, the next email will be sent automatically.

Important: To create these campaigns you must have permissions to do so. If you do not have it, you must request that an administrator of your office give it to you from "Setting> users".

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