A. How to add tasks

B. Receive task reminders

C. View my tasks and those of my colleagues

D. Appointment space

A. How to add tasks

You can add a task to yourself, to the users of your office and to the clients you manage. To add tasks to clients:

1. CRM> Clients

2. Enter a contact from the list.

3. At the top right click on the blue button "Add task".

4. You must include the type of task and the sections with (*) to save the task.

You can also create tasks from the Planning area that you have in the main menu in the left side.

Within the planning tool you have three views: tasks, week and planning; In all of them you must click at the top right on "add task" and indicate the information it contains (*) to be able to save the task.

Another way is in the clients list. In the task column you can create new ones and see pending tasks

Remember that you have the option of giving titles to your tasks, so it will be easier for you to organize and locate your tasks:

B. Receive task reminders

To receive task notifications you must have the notifications activated in your user.

1. Go to the main menu in the left side.

2. Go to your notifications

3. Activate the task notifications that you want to receive by email.

C. View my tasks and those of my colleagues

Remember that depending on the user permissions you have, you will be able to see or not the tasks of your colleagues.

The easiest way to see your tasks for the day and those that are overdue is by going to the Dashboard, there you can access to see all the tasks, edit them, postpone them and mark them as completed.

You can also view them from Planning and choose the type of view you want to see them in: tasks; you will see only your tasks, week; you will see your tasks during week, planning; you will see the tasks of the entire office and you will be able to filter the information you want to get.

Remember that from the file of every client you can review in activity the tasks that you have created. And you can also see the tasks from the customer list in the "tasks" area.

D. Appointment space

This space is used, for example, to schedule a visit with a client without using emails or WhatsApp. The steps to follow are:

1. Click on planning.

2. Appointments.

3. Top right side: add event.

Completed all the spaces with (*) of the form, you can save the event. Don't forget to select the time slot. Then you can share the event on social media as Twitter, Whtasapp, Linkedin and Facebook.

You can indicate differents time slots in the event so that the client chooses the one that suits him best. When he chooses an option, you will receive a confirmation email with the chosen date and time.

If you click on "click here" you will be able to see the event and the hours that had been offered to do it.

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