With the new "Enterprise" plan you have the option of setting up your Google Calendar account with your Witei. You just have to activate the plan and configure it by following the steps that we explain below:

1. Activate Enterprise plan.

2. Enter the user you want to synchronize.

3. At the top right click on "Synchronize with Google Calendar".

4. Add your Google account.

5. Choose which Witei account you want to sync.

6. Allow Witei to access your Google account.

7. Synchronize tasks by choosing a calendar.

8. If you have synchronized it correctly you will see this:

To cancel the synchronization, you must click at the top right on "Stop synchronizing account".

Now, you can more effectively keep track of your Witei tasks and appointments along with your personal events thanks to Google Calendar.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us on the chat!

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