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Email accounts: professional email with your domain
Email accounts: professional email with your domain

Create and manage email accounts @yourdomain

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A. Access your mail

You can access your mail in two different ways:

A. WebMail - Online mail client

  1. Access the Webmail website and enter your email address and password.

  2. You can adjust the email account with this information.

B. External mail manager (Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird)

Use this FAQ to: manage access to your mail.

B. Create new email accounts

Important: make sure your subscription plan allows you to create email accounts. Each of these email accounts will have 8GB.

To add a new email account you can follow these steps:

1. Configuration - Domains - Configure.

2. Select the option: "Configure Email".

You can also add a new account by following the steps below:

1. Configuration > Domains > Click on the "Configure emails"

You will see the list of Email accounts if you already have and you will be able to manage them.

To add a new one, click on "Create email account". We will process the request, it may take up to 48 hours.

Once you add that new email account, you will see it in the list of your "Email account" for that domain and you will be able to see its "Status".

  • Once the email account is created and the status is done, that user will automatically receive an email to his Witei email address notifying him of the creation and showing him his "first access password". Therefore, the user will have to access his Webmail with that "first access password". If the user wishes to change this password to a more personal one, this can be done from the Webmail by following these steps: Settings > Security > Change password.

Important: keep in mind that there is a sending limit of 1000 emails per 24 hours.

C. How to reset the password of an email account

In case you forget the password:

  1. Go to Configuration - Domain - Emails > Click on the "Configure" button.

  2. Email accounts > click on the blue link: “Reset Password”.

  3. After this, Witei will show you a screen with the new password created randomly for this occasion.

  4. Access your Webmail with that password.

  5. After accessing, if you wish, you can change that password for a more personal one from: Settings> Security> Change password.

D. Delete an email account

1. Important: Before starting, we recommend creating a backup copy of your emails. You can download a backup of your emails from Outlook. To do this you must first configure the mail with these steps here. After that, Outlook also allows you to create backup copies of your emails, to see more, click here.

2. For deleting the email go to: Configuration > Domains > Click on "tools gear icon" in the Emails section > Click on "Configure emails".

3. Click on the tools icon next to the email and choose Delete email account:

E. Limits

All email accounts have a sending limit of 1,000 emails every 24 hours.

Limits in Premium plan

  • Email accounts have a limit of 8GB

Limits on Enterprise plan

  • You can request to extend the limit of the number of email accounts. Each additional email account will be charged at the price: €2.5/month + VAT

  • You can request to expand the storage space of each email account. Each account with 16GB of storage will add to its price: €1.5/month + VAT

If you have any questions, ask us by chat!

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