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Google Workspace: manage email accounts through a external provider
Google Workspace: manage email accounts through a external provider

Google Worskspace

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To be able to manage your email accounts with Google Workspace you must have the Web service active with the Premium Plan contracted. Change plan.

A. Steps to activate from Witei the email accounts to be managed from Google Workspace.

1- Go to Settings > Domains > Email Accounts > Configure Emails

2- Activate "Use Google Workspace (external service) to manage my email accounts" If it is gray it is not active, if it is blue it is correctly activated.

If you created in Witei the email accounts and you are using them and you want to switch to Google Workspace provider, you must first delete the email accounts in Witei, if you try to create them before deleting them Witei will display the following message:

When this option is activated what we do is a change in the DNS configuration of the domain that we manage from Witei, so that the MX records of the domain have the configuration required by Google according to their documentation:

Please note:

  • When you enable this Google Workspace option in Witei, what Witei does is reconfigure the domain's MX records so that instead of pointing to the Qbox mail servers, they point to the Google Workspace ones. At that moment, the mail accounts that the user would have been using from Witei (Qbox) stop working. And from now on, it is in Google Workspace where the email accounts must be created and managed.

If you have any questions, please contact us via chat!

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