1 . Define in which domain your chat will be

2. Copy the JavaScript code snippet and add it to your website

a.Copy snippet in Google Tag Manager

b.Copy snippet in Wordpress

Witei gives you the possibility to communicate in real time with the visitors of your website. Through a chat that you can embed on any website (Wordpress, Shopify, personalized web, etc.) you will have a direct conversation channel with the people who visit your page.

You do not need great knowledge of webs to put it into use, we have already taken care of making it as easy as possible.

This tool is available for all Witei CRM plans.

To activate it and apply it to your website, you must go to Settings> CRM> Chat web

1 . Define in which domain your chat will be

For security reasons, you need to limit where your chat can be show. You just have to indicate the exact domain where your website is.

For example:

You can indicate different domains, separating them by commas.

Save the changes.

2. Copy the JavaScript code snippet and add it to your website

This is the second, last, and most difficult step. It depends on how your website is made, so you will have to do it one way or another. The ultimate goal is that on all the pages where you want your chat to be show, you can paste that bit of JavaScript code that we provide and try to make it appear as close to the end of the </body> tag of your website. It also works if you add it inside the <head>.

Some web engines allow you to do this directly from a web configuration interface. Others, you will have to go in and work in the HTML source code to paste the snippet.

Copy snippet in Google Tag Manager

If you use Google Tag Manager on your website, it is much easier, since it will work simply by using this option: Custom HTML.

You must create a Trigger associated with all the pages of your website and then associate it with the indicated Tag (Custom HTML) where you can paste the JavaScript code snippet that Witei has generated for you.

Save the changes and that's it!

Copy snippet in Wordpress

If you use Wordpress you have to follow these steps:

  • Install the Code Snippets plugin.

  • installed, it will appear in the menu on the left already installed.

  • click in add new and copy this code first:

add_action( 'wp_head', function () { ?>


/ * write your JavaScript code here * /


<?php } );

  • Then you have to copy the code that Witei gives you.

  • Once you have copied the Witei code, you have to paste it from the first <script> to the last </script>

You save it and ready! You will already have the chat working

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