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How the quality metric of your website works in the Witei dashboard

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If you want to improve your web the metrics section in Witei, we will show you more information below.

This is an example of the metrics that Witei offers you in the menu > web section > Dashboard:

There you can find 3 possible status:

  • Good in green: implies having 3 or more blog articles published in the last week and at least 30 articles in total on the web.

  • Regular in yellow: 2 or more blog articles published in the last week and at least 10 articles in total.

  • Bad in red: if it does not fit any of the above criteria.

Here we show you more details about the tools that can help you in the quality of your website:

Blog: You can see step by step how to use the Witei blog and improve the quality of your website by clicking here.

Landings: If you have selected to use the domain in Witei for your Landings, this will have a favorable impact on the positioning of your website. For example, you can use the landings to include more sections on your website. You can find more details about how landings work here.

SEO and meta tags: These are advanced elements in the configuration of your website that are involved in the content of the website and its positioning in web search engines.

If you want to learn much more about how to manage the SEO of your real estate agency, we recommend you access this blog entry by clicking here.

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