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How to create a funnel for my contacts?
How to create a funnel for my contacts?

Create custom funnels for your contacts in Witei according to your taste and according to the commercial stage they are in.

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A. What are funnels?

Funnels are a tool to define a series of stages through which a contact can pass.

We can create different funnels and in each of them define as many stages as necessary.

A sales funnel is the different stages a person goes through before buying. It is also used to visualize, understand and analyze customer behavior throughout the entire buying process.

A common example could be: a sales funnel that allows us to take a customer from the first contact to the closing of the contract.

If you want to create your own funnel with the help of a member of the Witei team, in the following video you can find detailed step by step and interesting information about funnels explained by a member of our team:

Here are the minutes with direct links to each block of content so you can go directly to the section you are most interested in checking this video:

00:09 - What is a funnel.
00:24 - Where to create my first funnel.
01:05 - How to create a funnel.
04:48 - How to manage a created funnel.
05:32 - How to edit a created funnel.
07:23 - How to assign a funnel to a contact manually.
09:04 - How to define a default funnel stage.

B. How do I create a funnel?

1.In the side menu> CRM> Funnels >click on the + button on the side.

2.Edit its title and the name of its stages.

3.To save, click on ''Create funnel'':

C. How do I edit a funnel?

1.In the side menu> CRM> Funnels>Edit funnel.

2.Edit its title and the name of its stages.

3.To save, click on ''Back to funnel''.

Important Note: only users with Administrator permissions will be able to edit the workspace funnels. If you want to know how to configure these permissions click here.

D. Where do I see funnels?

1.In the side menu > CRM > Funnels > Edit funnel.

2.In the top left corner >Funnel> click on the name of the funnel> choose another funnel from the drop-down menu.

3.To see the stages of another funnel, repeat the previous step.

  • You can select a funnel as a default so that your contacts are always created in that funnel to learn more about how to do it click here

If you have any questions, please contact us via chat!

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