A. What is the Conversations tool and how do I access it?

B. How to set up the Conversations tool?

C. Who can be part of the Conversations with my contacts?

D. What functionalities does the Conversations tool have?

E. Can I receive notifications for Conversations?

F. How can I measure the results of Conversations?

A. What is the Conversations tool and how do I access it?

The "Conversations" in Witei is a tool that we make available to our users so that they can connect with their customers like never before, have customer information always at hand, personalize each communication with the customer and optimize customer service.

The Witei Conversations tool can be found in the left side menu.

B. How to set up the Conversations tool?

To complete the set up of your Conversations area in Witei you must:
1. Access the Conversations area

2. Click on the Settings section

3. The Dropdown will appear with each of the configurations.

I will briefly explain below what each of these options consists of.

1) Web Chat: Witei gives you the possibility to communicate in real time with the visitors of your web page. Through a chat that you can embed in any web page (Wordpress, Shopify, personalized Web, etc.) you will have a direct conversation channel with the people who visit your website.

2) Message templates: Witei gives you the possibility to create and manage your own message templates. These templates will allow you to save default titles and messages that you can attach to your conversations later. You can use a template for your email signature for example, or for text that can be reused as a welcome or reminder.

3) Sender domain: By using Witei as a communication tool with your contacts, we manage the sending of emails. Among others, this applies to the Conversations and Campaigns areas.

If you do not personalize this shipment, Witei will use a generic domain specially generated for it. Specifically, the sender domain used will be [email protected]. Customizing the sender domain requires some configuration on your part, since you must authorize Witei to use your domain to send emails. It is necessary that the domain is yours and you have access to the configuration. For example, domains like gmail.com, outlook.com, and hotmail.com are not valid to use as a sender from Witei.

C. Who can be part of the Conversations with my contacts?

Being the administrator of your Witei account you will be able to manage the permissions of the collaborating users that you have added to it. Witei has no user limit on any plan.

It is recommended that each person have their own user to access Witei and there are different levels of permissions with which to configure the level of access to both data and tools.

In the case of Conversations, you will be able to see these users that you have added to your workspace in this way:

Each user will be assigned a contact from your contact list that you have in your CRM to be able to follow up on the conversation with them.

From the Conversations area you will be able to view your Conversations, the Conversations that are unassigned and the Conversations assigned by users.

Also, remember that for communication to be linear and for contacts to know which company they are talking to, it is ideal for the users of your work team to have an identifying signature as a user of the workspace.

This can be added and managed from the user's profile.

This signature will be automatically attached to all the messages you write through Witei conversations.

D. What functionalities does the Conversations tool have?

The Conversations tool has a wide variety of functionalities that allow you to make customer service organized, efficient and productive.

These functions are divided as follows:

  • Search for Conversations by Contacts: if you have a large number of contacts with whom you have been chatting and you cannot identify a certain contact in the Conversations space, you can use the contact search field by adding the name of the contact.

  • Status of the Conversations: the Conversations that you will manage with this tool are categorized by Open Conversations and Archived Conversations.

  • Conversation Field with Contacts: from this area you have a wide variety of functionalities that we offer you in the tool and with these:

    -You can view the name of the contact.
    -You can see who is assigned to a certain conversation.
    -You can archive the conversation.
    -You can delete the conversation.
    -You can write your message on the text field.
    -You can activate and use in the text bold and/or italics.
    -You can add links by linking them to the text.
    -You can add emojis to the text you are going to send.
    -You can attach any of your message templates.
    -You can attach files and/or documents.
    -You can attach quotes that you have in your account.
    -You can add the signature that you have configured in your account.
    -You can use the send button when you have the message ready.

  • Conversation Details Area: in this right side space you will have the possibility to:

    -View who of the users in your workspace is responsible for this conversation.
    -View the contact details such as their name and surnames, email , date and time of creation, preferred language of the contact, and the origin of the contact.
    -View the notes that you have added in the CRM to the contact.
    -View the history of the last conversations that have been had from the account with that contact.
    -View the tickets that have been generated in relation to any incident or request by that contact.

E. Can I receive notifications for Conversations?

A new functionality has been implemented to receive the messages in Conversations in real time.

If the recipient replies to us, such as if we reply and another user in the workspace has the Conversations tool open or vice versa, it will be updated in real time.

In addition, to indicate that there are new unread messages, the conversation will be marked in the list with a green ball. If the Conversations app is not open, we will receive a notification like the ones already known in Witei.

IMPORTANT: the green ball only applies to unread messages received in real time, there is still no functionality of unread messages in the list of conversations.

F. How can I measure the results of Conversations?

From Witei we provide our users with a set of reports and metrics that will allow you to analyze the results you are getting from certain tasks and activities that you do with your Witei account.

To access the report and report related to the Conversations you must access the Dashboard by clicking on the blue Witei symbol in the upper left part of the side menu. Once there you will find the Conversation Reports option.

In this Conversations Report you will see:

  • Quality of new conversations

  • Number of closed conversations

  • Number of messages sent

  • Average closing time

  • First response time

  • Number of conversations per user

  • Pie chart to more visually show the number of conversations per user

All this can be seen by date range and can also be filtered by user (in this case only if you are a Workspace Administrator).

If you have any questions, ask us through the chat!

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